Deb au Nare

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Video for most acts available upon request.

"High Class"

Even the very classy, Deb au Nare gets the munchies after smoking! This act was created specifically for a show featuring live music from the band Soggy Po Boys. Set to the tune "Viper", Deb proceeds to cure her munchies with Cheetos and brownies found throughout her costume. This act features her famous contortion stocking peel over the chair using only her feet. Many have tried to duplicate this trick, few have succeeded!

"Come Sail Away"

Deb au Nare is just enjoying a nice day out at sea - swimming, twerking and dramatically overacting the lyrics to Styx's "Come Sail Away", when a clothes-eating shark interrupts her!

"Pipe Dreams"

A new take on the "Girl in a Martini Glass" act. Deb has constucted a giant purple weed pipe that she dances and spins around in, dressed of course as the weed that goes inside.

"Classy Wine-O"

Hesitant at first, Deb warms up to the audience with some courage from the bottom of her glass of red wine.


Deb can't shake the feeling that somebody is watching her as she performs. Who could it be? Probably all the voyeurs in the audience!

"Victorian Summer"

Too many layers to Deb's outfit has her feeling faint.

"Zombie Housewife"

Deb is just like any other housewife, she does her hair and her makeup and has dinner prepared for when her spouse returns home. Dinner just happens to be a giant tasty brain.

"Big Ass Boa"

The act title doesn't lie! Deb dances with a big fluffy boa, but things start to go awry and maybe this boa is TOO big!


She may be trashy, but she makes it work! Set to Weird Al Yankovic's "Trash Day", it's the hottest pile of garbage you've ever seen!

"The Placebo Effect"

A mix of classic burlesque costuming with incredible contortion moves using a chair and all set to the 90s classic, "Every You, Every Me" by Placebo.

"Will Strip For Food"

This pooch will do all kinds of tricks for it's dinner! This act features a giant dog food bowl that Deb dances on and spins around inside of! Another comedic take on the "Girl in a Martini Glass" act.

"Let It Snow, Santa Baby!"

All Deb wanted was something expensive, maybe sparkly. All she gets is an empty box of packing peanuts! She makes the best of a bad situation though!


This act really shines! In a fun color revealing tease, set to a rendition of The Beatles' "I Want You", Deb dances in hues of purple and rich chocolate brown.

"Buffy Want Beer"

Several Buffy references are made from multiple seasons in this act featuring costuming in the style of season 1, Black Frost beer from season 4's "Beer Bad" and terrible dancing from season 6's "Once More with Feeling".

"Burlesque Zombie"

Known to literally make audience members scream, this zombie act is performed to the instrumental suite from "Hush" the silent episode of Buffy, setting the eerie and sometimes comedic tone for this piece.


As Kitana from Mortal Kombat, Deb does her own take on a classic burlesque fan dance with her knife fans.